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If you have anything to say about me, to me, for me or against me, please feel free to send an email to

I don’t bite and I hope you don’t bite too. I’m open to become your travel buddy, tour guide, endorser, drinking companion or simply your friend.




5 thoughts on “Contact me anytime”

  1. Hey Ferdinand,

    How have you been?

    First off, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Carmela and I’m part of We’ve met about a month ago when I was working on a roundup post entitled “Top 3 Must-See Spots in Palawan for 2015” where 85 awesome, enthusiastic and generous locals, bloggers, and travellers got involved!

    Here’s the link to the post:

    Anyways, I am touching base to let you know that after laborious prepping, we’re finally launching our service pretty soon and we’d like to offer your readers and Exclusive $30 discount per booking.

    Here’s how it works:
    1. We create a coupon code unique for you and your site
    2. Let your readers know about it (editing the blogpost about palawan, social media, etc)
    3. Once they go to the “Request a Quote” page, it will ask them for the coupon code from you
    4. Once they use it, they will get $30 off of their adventure trip

    We’ve tested this on some of the other bloggers like you and their readers were thrilled! We’re sending
    4 groups in the coming weeks. In return, we just ask for a tiny little link going to the site where they can
    check out the expert roundup that you were part of.

    It’s totally non-invasive, and it will take you less than 2-minutes.

    Here’s the link to the roundup post again:

    Would this be something you’d be interested in doing?

    Thanks Ferdinand!


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  2. Hello! Nice blog you got here. I’m wondering if you can help me with some questions. I’m traveling to Sagay soon, and I was wondering how much the bus fare is from Bacolod. Also, do you know of a way to travel from Sagay to Dumaguete? Is there a bus? And if so, how much do you think it’ll cost?


  3. Hi The Awkward Traveller!


    Ngayong Marso, nais ni Jay Taruc na tuklasin at subaybayan ang mga nanganganib(endangered) at katutubong(endemic) hayop, mga bagong tuklas o lingid sa kaalaman ng publiko na mga halaman, insekto at iba pang uri na matatagpuan sa mga isla o kagubatan dito sa Luzon [Philippines].

    Baka may alam po kayong isla / beach na mala- paradise yung lugar (breathless scenic views, jaw-dropping rock formations or cliffs, clear water + white sand) at… higit sa lahat may close encounter sa terrestrial and/or marine biodiversity na matatagpuan dito na mare-refer sa aming team.

    If yes, please kindly contact and inform the person below (chat, text, call, email):

    This will be use as Summer Episode of Jay Taruc’s team. Shoot will be on March 5-8, 2016. Yes. Malapit na. At wala pa rin akong nahahanap… T.T… so, please… baka may kakilala ka, sila, kayo po sa hinahanap ko po among places na narating nyo na po. : )

    THANK YOU!!!!!


    Maria Cecilia G. Nicolas
    Program Researcher
    GMA News and Public Affairs
    M: 0905 204 9958


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