Sinulog 2013

To me, Sinulog is the best festival in the Philippines. I said this after experiencing this event about five years ago. During Sinulog, you can feel how passionate the Cebuanos are. From then on, every third weekend of January, I would feel compelled to go to Cebu to celebrate Sinulog, but I would not be there all the time. Sinulog also coincides with the anniversary of Wave 15 of Convergys NACS Microsoft. This group of people has become my lifelong friends and we always celebrate the anniversary of our friendship rather than the actual start of our job back in 2007.

I arrived in Cebu on Saturday, January 19. I went straight to meet my friend Eden and then headed right away to Dong Juan where we had lunch with the rest of the gang. We chose this place because it was somewhat far from the center of Sinulog. This was to avoid lots of people and the heavy traffic. After lunch, we went to the nearby carinderia of Lola Eats where we had a few drinks. I was insisting to go to my hotel because I was worried they would not let me check in late and to also have a peace of mind (that I was already checked in). But because there was no cab, I went back to my friends to drink and talk and laugh until after 5pm.


I stayed in Marco Polo for the rest of the weekend where I booked a junior suite. The suite was not as pretty as I expected but Marco Polo’s service is always awesome. They had a private check in at the penthouse and the receptionist was just very friendly. I also got to ride their “private” elevator where it had the view of the city. I spent the night in my room with my sister and my cute nephew.

Next day, I met up with my good friend Jersie to see the Sinulog parade. As always, it was fun and quite an experience. The street was just packed with people especially when there were celebrities that passed by.

After the parade, we decided to see Ely Buendia’s concert. Despite the multitude of people outside, the Cebu City Coliseum where the concert was held, had only a few people. I think this was due to not much advertising. They had to recycle the tickets and sell them at a lower price. Although it was I who persuaded Jersie to watch the concert, it was she who had more fun watching. I think I was dragged down by how crappy Cebu Coliseum was and it took more than two hours of opening acts before Ely Buendia actually showed up.


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