Negros Oriental

I live in Negros Occidental but I had never been to Negros Oriental before this trip. Maybe I did back in high school but we were just on a bus that passed by Canlaon City and we never stopped over.

The bus trip from my hometown Sagay to Dumaguete was quite the long one. I took a bus going to San Carlos, then took another bus to Guihulngan (with a signboard that indicated Dumaguete but only made it to Guihulngan), and finally took another bus going to Dumaguete. I started this whole bus trip at 5:30am and I reached Dumaguete at about 12 noon. In ordinary days, there is a bus available that can take anyone straight from Bacolod to Dumaguete (via Sagay), but when I made this trip, Ceres Liner, the only bus line available in the entire Negros Island, had many of their buses suspended which included the buses serving Bacolod to Dumaguete.

My friend Maybelle who worked (and still works) in Dumaguete welcomed me with open arms when I arrived. We took some photos of me along the city’s famed boulevard.

10298877_10152355057913911_3699353555842553534_n 10320441_10152355076008911_3891162228228183648_n

She cooked kare-kare for lunch in her house and now that makes me crave for it.

We then got ready to go to the Atmosphere Resort where I was booked for that night. The resort is in Dauin which is just outside Dumaguete City. We had to take the bus to get there and, unfortunately, the bus dropped us off more than a kilometer away from the resort’s gate, so we had to walk on a hot summer afternoon. I was sweating like a pig when we got to check in that I was almost embarrassed.

The resort caters more to divers. They offer boat rides to Apo Island and I think they even offer diving lessons. Unfortunately for me, I was not (and still am not) a good swimmer so scuba diving never crossed my mind when I booked a room at Atmosphere. All I wanted was to go there to relax and maybe explore the beach. Unfortunately, again, the beach was not developed for recreation. I guess it was only there as a portal for divers.

The pool was big and my friend Maybelle, being the swimmer that she was, enjoyed it. I didn’t.


The resort, being far from the city, offered peace. The room/apartment came at a price though but it was big and full of amenities. The food at the restaurant was great. They offered full-course meals and I was already full halfway through my main course. I’m not a food expert but I can appreciate good-tasting food. I also felt a little embarrassed because I didn’t know what fork to use for each dish. I only learned after that one has to start from the outside going inside.

I had a very good night sleep. I woke up with all this positive energy.

When we checked out, the spa attendant offered to let us see their spa without us purchasing anything. I loved that! Again, we took some pictures of ourselves there.



 We stopped by the mall to buy an extra shirt and have lunch. We then went back to Maybelle’s house to rest for a while. We watched a movie that shamefully made me cry.

After a few hours of rest, we went to The Forest Camp in Valencia. The place was packed with people maybe because it was Mother’s Day. We found a place upstream to wade around. I did not have plans to get myself wet but what the heck!


10313348_10152359938123911_7995361777192550090_n 10365964_10152361375683911_1344979999813223907_n


We went back to Maybelle’s house and I had a few drinks. We had some little chat and talked about some people.

We then had dinner, drank some more, and by the time, we had karaoke, I was already too drunk I barely remembered anything.

I woke up the with a very bad hangover the next day. I was planning to leave at 4am but then I woke up at 7am.

I caught a non-airconditioned bus going to San Carlos where I took another bus going home to Sagay. It was a hot and dusty day. While on the bus, I wiped my face with a white handkerchief, and lo and behold, there was soot on it! I’m not exaggerating at all. I got home around 3pm and I caught some sleep before starting work in the evening.


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