This was my first ever half marathon. I trained really hard for three months for this, although I admit I did not religiously follow my training plan courtesy of the Nike+ Running app.

I bought a new pair of running socks and a couple of packs of energy gel to get ready for the run ahead.

I was planning to eat a lot as part of my carbo loading, but I ended up drinking a lot of beer instead. I was thinking it would make me sleep early but it did not. Since I was drinking from lunchtime to dinnertime, I never really got to get drunk. I don’t think this is good or healthy, but nothing bad happened to me as a consequence. Nevertheless, I made sure I had something to eat when I wake up the next day.

Then the day came. I was very surprised at myself to just feel a little anxiety. I showered and ate the food I bought the night before. My friend Hazel who was already with me all along accompanied me to the starting venue at BGC The Fort.

I got very nervous during the first two or three kilometers that I missed the first hydration station. I also realized that I didn’t like the energy gel I bought. I should have just bought candy instead. I was then able to adjust by the fourth or fifth kilometer. I even ran uphill, which I really, really hate, without any issues. This probably went on until the tenth kilometer.

I probably started feeling fatigue by the twelfth kilometer. I started walking mostly especially when I was about to go near a hydration station. My walks went from a minute at a time to about three minutes at a time. My pictures that were taken by different photographers said it all.


1run2 1run7

I was afraid that I would be last. I was happy that I wasn’t. I was even on the upper third. I finished number 437 out of more than 1500 finishers.


*third photo courtesy of adrianaquino


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