I wanted to go to Bohol again but I was not really dying to go. I’ve already been to Bohol before (but not to Panglao) and I wanted to explore other provinces. However, I found a reason to go there by the form of the Bohol International Marathon. I invited my friend Emma and her boyfriend Simon to come along.

We checked in at the Amorita Resort. It’s a beautiful place situated on a cliff overlooking the Alona Beach. Their service was also great. They checked my friends in before 2pm and before I got there, so we were all happy about that.

Alona Beach had really fine sand but it was not well kept. There were trash all over the beach.


We went to Dimaluan Beach in the late afternoon and found it was much cleaner than Alona Beach. We did not swim here out of respect that we did not pay the entrance fee, but I had my my carbo loading here instead in preparation for my half marathon the next day. The only restaurant we saw and was closest to the gate offered very affordable food.

We got back to Alona Beach at around 8pm and we had another dinner at one of the beachside restaurants there. I had lapu-lapu sinigang and realized that lapu-lapu was not my favorite fish.

We got back to our room at around 11pm and I had very little time to sleep. I woke up at 2am to prepare for my run. It was then that I realized that I did not buy any food that I could eat in preparation for my run, so I took some chocolate and drinks from the minibar to make up for it.

My half marathon went fine. The run started at 4am so there were a parts of the route that were too dark which I thought slowed down my pace for a little bit. The road was also not closed so there were vehicles and pedestrians going past us.

Although my experience was an improvement from my last half marathon, I did not break my previous time. I suffered fatigue early when I joined the Runfest in the Fort last month (I think it was mainly because of the route which included going up and down flyovers), but in Bohol, I felt fatigue only during my last five kilometers. I felt the fatigue especially during the short run along the beach fronting the Bellevue Hotel. Although I ran a mile on Alona Beach the day before, I don’t think it was enough training for the actual run. The unlit part of the route must have contributed more to my slower pace.

I finished in 38th place out of 126 finishers. This was a great result for me.


This was my first trip after buying a DSLR. I still was not too confident in using it so I did not take a lot of pictures of scenes. I did not go to Bohol anyway to backpack. I went there for the beach and the run.

The trip going back home was really tiring. I had an uncomfortable ride from Bohol to Cebu and I had to endure a bunch of loud teachers on the bus to Sagay.


2 thoughts on “Bohol”

  1. Yes it is clean at dumaluan beach/ we went to last year as birthday gift to my wife/ I like the food we stay on for three days ,tour for one day then to virgin island after after watching ng dolphin


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