Science Fun Run 2014

To be honest (not that I’m not honest on other things), I wanted to cancel my plans to join the Science Fun Run 2014. Some things came up a few days ahead of the race. Aside from those, I’m quite shy to join races in Bacolod because the running community here is quite tight and, being a loner, I’m not part of that community (yet).

But since this was organized by the Negros Occidental National Science High School (geez, I’m still not comfortable with the “National” in the name after all these years) Alumni Association, which I am a member, I felt I had to be there. I’d rather not see eyebrows raising on me. :-p Besides, this was a nice warm-up for my 22km run (not a race) the next day.

The day before the race, I had to go to Victorias to meet up with my friends Nene and Caloi to get our claim stubs for the singlet and the race bib. Then I headed to Run Club to get all our singlets and our race bibs. I also had to get another friend’s (Febe’s) bib because it wasn’t yet available when she went and claimed her singlet. I was too excited to see her in the race. But funny story, she didn’t wake up in time.

Since I live two hours away from Bacolod, I had to sleep at a friend’s house to make it to the 5:20am gun start. The house of my friends Leo and Florence was the closest to the Capitol Lagoon, so theirs was the best, if not the only, option. Florence made sure I felt welcome and comfortable, so I really appreciated all her effort. I also loved that they now have an elliptical machine in their house. I got to use it for my warm-up and cool-down.

Plus, it’s always fun to see my ihado Liam.


When I got to the starting line, I saw many familiar faces. It was nice to see most of them.

I was then told there were only eleven of us joining the 10km race. This made me nervous a little. I am not a fast runner. I am an average runner at best. In bigger races I have participated in, I would always land in the upper half or upper third of finishers. But a smaller number of participants meant that it was most likely not going to happen this time, especially because the other 10km runners looked like seasoned ones.

After a zumba warm-up, it was time to start the race. Early on, I was already at the back of the pack. I was thinking all along that all I needed was to keep my pace the same with the other runners at the back. I couldn’t afford to walk!

It is my fear to be last. I get a sneezing reaction when I’m last on something (e.g. being the last passenger on a jeepney, seeing the closing credits of a movie/television show). So I made all effort not to be last.

As mentioned above, I was only going to make this race a warm-up for my long run the next day. I wanted to run really slow. But with my fear to be last in mind, I ran faster than my comfortable pace (yes, it was already fast for me).

It was nice to see friends and familiar faces at turning points and on the road. It was during this part that I got to get goofy and loosen up. I always take myself seriously when I run.


 The marshals on the road were also very friendly. They would point me to the right direction and stopped traffic with a smile. I’m sure they would also stop traffic for other runners but since the other runners were either too far ahead or a few meters behind me, I couldn’t help but feel special that traffic was stopped for me. Ha!

I finished after an hour and two minutes. I’m still not a sub-1:00 10km runner. But I was happy with how I finished. As much I loved to get that prize of a trip to Danjugan Island, I never hallucinated that I would ever win.

The 10km finishers were made to stand on the center and were given medals. I loved that we were given medals. I was also a little starstruck to have stood beside some elite runners in Bacolod.

I drank two bottles of wine after the race which helped me sleep for a couple of hours. I met a few friends during the course of the day and went home late in the afternoon where I moped about being home on a Saturday night, so I drank my night out and slept for twelve hours.

I would like to congratulate our Alumni Association president Karina Nisol-Garcia, the vice-president Candy Rose Santillan, and the rest of those who helped organized the Science Fun Run 2014 for a job well done. We should do this again next year!


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