Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte – Part 2

It was cold at night in Pagudpud. I first thought this was their weather all year long, but I realized this was due to amihan, the cold wind blowing from the west on the months of December, January and February. So be sure to bring something to cover you up if ever you visit the place during this time.

Because of this cold and the good price of the beer at the restaurant of Casa Victoria, I had a few bottles that night which meant I had a good sleep too.

When I woke up around 6:30am, I went straight to the beach with the intention of taking a dip. The waves were much calmer this time but it was tough to handle the cold. My teeth were already chattering when I was still far from the water. I’d probably get hypothermia if I got into the water. Maybe tomorrow.

At 8am, Kuya Rey and I left the resort to start the Pagudpud North tour. Despite the sun, it was still cold so I brought my hoodie with me just in case the cold got unbearable. I was just wearing a singlet after all.

The first stop on our itinerary was the Kabigan Falls. There was guide fee of P100 and an entrance fee of P10. Ate Margie was the guide assigned to me. She explained to me that the falls was 1.5 kilometers away and would require a 30-minute hike.

I probably hiked faster than expected so we reached the falls in less than 30 minutes. It was already packed with people so we had to wait at times but Ate Margie would just overtake others who were slower and I just followed her.

The falls can be viewed from different parts around it. If you want to get the closest view, you would have to cross a bridge made of a log with the help of the guide.


As Ate Margie shared, the falls was 140 meters. No, I made that up. She told me how tall it was but I completely forgot. Anyway, because of the continuous during the past few days, Ate Margie said the current was strong and the water was unbearably cold so it was not a good idea to swim, as if I had any intention of being the center of attention of dozens of people around the falls.

After taking several pictures, we made our way back to the entrance. At this point, it seemed like hundreds of people were making their way to the falls and I was just glad I still had some “me” time there.

Ate Margie was a nice guide but I thought the P100 fee was a little too high for a very short tour so I didn’t give her a tip. Sorry Ate Margie!

Our next stop was the Patapat Viaduct. It was simply a long bridge which was part of the national highway along the Pagudpud coastline. We first made a stop in the middle of the bridge where other people were doing crazy poses in the middle of the road. We were not getting good pictures there though so Kuya Rey decided that we head to the end of the bridge.

Not that this was a really good picture

Just below this bridge’s end was Agua Grande, a resort of some kind beside the area where the river meets the sea. There was a group of people having a picnic in one of the cottages there. I saw a poster indicating the entrance fee but I was not made to pay, thanks I believe to Kuya Rey.


Next on the itinerary was Bantay Abot Cove. I had no idea what it was until I saw the pictures. It was a natural arc on a beach. On the way there, I saw that it was beautiful from a certain point and I made a note to myself to ask Kuya Rey to stop at that point on the way back. But I completely forgot about it, so all I had were mostly selfies taken in the cove. I guess I would have to just be happy with this picture.

IMG_5944 copy

The final destination for this tour was the Blue Lagoon. I didn’t know at first what to expect with the Blue Lagoon or how it looked like, so I had no idea that we were already on that spot where the entirety of the lagoon can be viewed. Geez, again, all I had were selfies.


This was where Hannah’s Beach was located. I think that is the name of one resort but there were other resorts on this part of Pagudpud. This was far more commercialized than Saud Beach but the beach was still as clean.

The waves were small enough and it was hot enough so I hit the water immediately. The water was shallow enough but, although there were many people on the beach, there were not a lot of people in the water. I didn’t want to be this daredevil who wanted to be the farthest from the beach so I stayed close to others and just had waves hitting me from behind to entertain myself.

I stayed in the water for about 15 minutes. There was a public “shower” (you’d only see the usual Pinoy balde and tabo inside) and I paid P15 to use it.

I didn’t really bring extra clothes so I resolved to just dry myself up along the way to our next tour.



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