Cebu to Bacolod (and vice versa) – Ceres Bus Schedule (as of 05/25/2015)

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Bacolod or Negros Occidental is a very convenient destination when one needs to go on a side trip after spending time in Cebu. In addition, many Negrenses are working in Cebu.

I know many people now prefer taking the plane from Cebu to Bacolod or vice versa. But I know there are still some who prefer the bus.

I for one usually take the bus when going home. I’m based in Negros but I often go to Cebu to meet friends or as a jump off point to other destinations. When time is limited, I take the plane. But if I want to just laze around or if I can’t afford to book a flight, I take the bus.

Ceres Liner nowadays constantly change their schedule which I believe is due to demand. Because of the lack of updated information online, I felt compelled to publish this here on my blog.


I would like to emphasize that this is subject to change without prior notice. I was waiting for that 7am bus to leave but until now, at almost 8am, it hasn’t left yet. I was told this was leaving around 9am.

Please contact Ceres Liner’s office for further inquiry and to make sure about the schedules. The phone number at their Cebu office is (032) 345 8650.

I would also like to remind anyone going home from Cebu to Negros to be early at the North Bus Terminal in Mandaue especially during peak seasons (Sinulog, Holy Week, Undas, Christmas) since priority numbers are given hours before the scheduled trip.

Update 5/25/2015: I now have information regarding the trips from Bacolod to Cebu (please see picture below). Please note that the North Terminal in Bacolod is located in Bata and the South Terminal is located in Shopping. The schedule from Cebu to Bacolod (as shown in the picture above is still current as of this date).


198 thoughts on “Cebu to Bacolod (and vice versa) – Ceres Bus Schedule (as of 05/25/2015)”

    1. Cebu-Bacolod trip (through Ceres Bus via Toledo-Don Salvador Benedicto-Bacolod) will approximately take 7-8 hours max. On the other hand, a Cebu-Bacolod trip via Escalante will add another 2-2 hours 30 minutes travel time.


  1. Hello poh malapit lng poh ung terminal nyo sa pier ng cebu ….. kase pod galing poh ng nasipit ….. din pumunta poh ng bacolod …… papano poh rply asap kase pod babae poh ng 20 ng august……..


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