Angono, Rizal

I was planning to backpack somewhere north (Abra, Ifugao or Babuyan Islands) after my 42k run but I wasn’t too confident with the funds I had left and my legs were in pain so I decided to just go to my cousins in Angono.

I first had to go to SM Megamall to get to a van going to Angono. The passenger vans were parked in front of Building B and the fare was P45. My cousin Kuya Dave texted me to just tell the driver to drop me off in front of Saint Martin which I did and the driver did.

It had been two years since I last visited them so it was nice to see them again. I used to stay with them back in college when their house was still in Taytay.

We had a few drinks to which I got drunk and a hefty dinner that night so I had a pretty good sleep.

At 10am the next morning, Kuya Dave and his cute eldest daughter Aiesha took me to Balaw-Balaw, a restaurant in Angono renowned for its exotic menu. It always has an art museum that was free to access if you’re eating at the restaurant.

We first ordered our food and I ordered nilasing na palaka or deep-fried frogs for P250. I was really hoping to find bayawak (monitor lizard) or a snake in the menu but I guess they didn’t have them. These animals might be too endangered to be served as food. PETA might get angry at me. Kuya Dave only ordered chicken.

While waiting for the food, we toured around the museum. While on the way to Balaw-Balaw, I saw a government vehicle which had the sign indicating that Angono was the Art Capital of the Philippines – a fact I just learned on that day.

They had some interesting works of art:

IMG_6537 small IMG_6545 small IMG_6542 small IMG_6541 small

A few minutes after we got back to our table, our food was served.


When I first tasted the frog, it tasted like chicken. But it had some yellow stuff in the middle that really made me lose my appetite. I wasn’t hungry in the first place because I had a lot during breakfast so eating frogs wasn’t exactly a fun experience, but it was an experience nevertheless. We just took home the two frogs that I didn’t finish.

We left Balaw-Balaw around 11:15am.

Kuya Dave and Aiesha
Kuya Dave and Aiesha
Me and Aiesha
Me and Aiesha

I then got ready to leave for the airport so I bade goodbye to my cousins and my uncle and aunt.

I took the passenger van going to SM Megamall and again paid P45. I wasn’t in the mood to take other public vehicles so I got on a taxi en route to NAIA Terminal 2 to get to my flight back to Bacolod.

I lost my sunglasses at the airport. Dang!


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