Islas de Gigantes, the Second Time Around – Part 2

Since it was high tide, our boat was able to dock right in front of the resort, the Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn. While we were still at the Estancia port, I asked if we could have Nong Jofer as our guide as he did an incredible job the last time. He immediately showed up as soon as we arrived at the resort. I didn’t expect him to remember me but he did.

After being served coffee, we were then shown our cottages. We had the option to take either the one large room or three cottages. We chose the three cottages so there would be more room for the five of us. They gave us the best three cottages nearest the restaurant. I took the best cottage because, uhm, I felt entitled to it (self-entitlement everyone!). By the way, I only requested for two cottages when I texted Mr. Decano so I appreciated them giving us one more.

Nong Jofer informed us that we were going to the lighthouse around 4pm so we still had over an hour to rest. We took this chance to chat and backbite people one by one. I’m kidding. We’re good people, we don’t do that.

My friend Katrina posing on (in, at, by?) her hammock
My friend Katrina posing on (in, at, by?) her hammock

At exactly 4pm, Nong Jofer alerted us to get ready for the trip to the lighthouse. Each one of us was provided a habal-habal and one of the drivers was going to be our guide.

While on the way, we passed by several children on the road. Almost everyone was waving at us. I first thought they were only waving at Mike, who is Canadian. But they were actually waving at all of us. That was very cute.

When we got to the end of the paved road, we had to walk. It wasn’t this way last time. My friend Raisa and I were taken directly by our habal-habal driver right in front of the gate of the lighthouse despite the rough road. I guess we just had competition at that time and we needed to get there first. But I didn’t mind the small hike this time.

We had some picture taking when we got to the base of the lighthouse.

I, the photobomber
I, the photobomber



Photos above courtesy of Katrina Jinon-Morris

Then it was time to go up the lighthouse. Globert and Carlos were used to this having this similar kind of facility at their workplace, according to them. Katrina, on the other hand, had some sort of fear of heights, but I was enjoying hearing her panic (the sadistic me). Mike was just cool.

The way up involved four (or maybe five) sets of ladder which was almost 90 degrees vertical. I was scared by this the last time but I was enjoying it this time.

IMG_6641 small


When we reached the top, it gave us a breathtaking view of the Visayan Sea, as always. It was only the five of us there so we had fun.

IMG_6631 copy

After a few minutes on top, we went down. But first, Katrina’s hair:

IMG_6639 small


We then had more photos taken when we got down.

IMG_6642 small IMG_6645 small


We gave a P100 donation to the lighthouse caretaker when we left.

We got back to the resort around 6pm and waited for the much-awaited dinner to be served at 7pm. I told my friends that the resort has an overflowing supply of scallops and other seafood dishes. I wasn’t embarrassed when the food came. We were served fish tinola, scallops, squid and a seashell called binga. It was too much for us.

Photo courtesy of Katrina Jin0n-Morris
Photo courtesy of Katrina Jin0n-Morris

My diet had to be thrown out of the window to give way for the sumptuous food we were having. My mouth right now is watering just remembering those scallops. Oh those scallops!

To cap off the night, we had a videoke session. Maybe I was the only guest who had prior knowledge about the videoke bar next door. There were a few other guests that night and the next night but we were always the first one at the microphone. There was only a couple of other guests who came to the bar that night and no other guest the next night.

We enjoyed singing our lungs out. We had a video of it but it was too dark. Also, for some reason, the videoke machine was pre-loaded. It was the type of machine where we had to drop a P5 coin for each song but the machine kept playing without us having to drop coins. But out of delicadesa, we still dropped coins but not for each song. Maybe it was just another gift, maybe the machine was acting up (in a good way for us) or maybe the machine was just like that.

The store in front of the bar, whose owner also remembered me, sells beer (Red Horse 500 ml) at P50 per bottle. They also have basic supplies available but I was just really thankful for the beer. Mike, most especially, enjoyed the beer.

We had a few more chat and beer at the balcony of my cottage before going to sleep.



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