Yesterday, I started my #ProjectNegrosOccidental where I went to Carbin Reef in my hometown Sagay City to feature it on this blog.

#ProjectNegrosOccidental came to being late last year when a few friends and I planned to do a Negros tour that would have covered much of northern Negros Occidental. However, due to our hectic schedules, we weren’t able to do that.

Now I’ve decided to go ahead with #ProjectNegrosOccidental on my own.

Negros Occidental is a fascinating province. For one, its capital Bacolod City is where “ang kwarta ginapala kag ginapiko.” I’m not sure  if it is offensive now but that’s a common joke amongst us since I was a kid. It might be indeed a rich province considering we have the most cities in the entire Philippines. Plus, the Cojuangcos, the Arroyos, the Lacsons, the Lopezes and many other prominent Filipino families (including the Legaspis perhaps?) have branches of their clans here.

I graduated from Negros Occidental Science High School, so I have friends and acquaintances from all parts of the province. If there was one thing I took from my high school friends, it’s that we have different Negrense Hiligaynon accents. Yeah, outsiders may hear just one wavy accent but to us, things are different. Think of different English accents.

Before high school, however, I was already amazed by my home province. My sister was once active during Panaad sa Negros events so we had a few booklets at home about Negros Occidental. There was a time when I could memorize all cities and towns alphabetically. I wanted to tour the entire province but it was only during high school that I was able to reach San Carlos, the last city in the north, and Hinobaan, the last city in the south. I still have not visited all towns though especially those that are not along the main highway (e.g. Candoni).

Admittedly, while I know which towns or cities come next to what, I have not explored much of Negros Occidental. I have not been to Mambukal or Campuestohan. When I was once asked by other travelers about places to visit in Negros, all I could tell them was Carbin Reef.

So why create #ProjectNegrosOccidental when I could just do a Negros tour on my own? Well, I just want to have a fancier name than “Negros tour.” I’m kidding. I have a blog and I love Negros Occidental, so why not make my blog an instrument to help promote the tourism industry here?

Negros Occidental is where I was born. Negros Occidental is where I grew up. Most of my friends are from here. Most of my family and relatives are here. I was a scholar of Negros Occidental and Sagay City when I was in high school!

My plan is to visit every single town and city and I will dedicate an entire post or two for each. #ProjectNegrosOccidental will also have a special place in my blog and in my heart. I started with Sagay yesterday (my post will be out soon) and the Sagay Tourism Office has been very supportive, so I would really like to thank them again for it.

I’m hoping my friends and other fellow Negrenses will help me promote #ProjectNegrosOccidental.


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