Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

We left the Enchanted River around 2:30pm and we immediately proceeded to Bislig to see Tinuy-an Falls. It took almost an hour to get there but hey, we had our own private vehicle so it was still very convenient. Thanks to my friend Dottie and the Millan family.

We passed by a lake, which reminded me of Lake Sebu, on the way to the falls. We would make a stopover here later to take pictures.

I was actually more excited to see the falls because of those ambitious shots I had in my mind. An untrained wannabe photographer can only dream so much though. I’m realistic enough to know what I’m capable of so I didn’t bother bringing my tripod at home, not that I ever used it before.

We found raging and brown water when we got to Tinuy-an Falls. It wasn’t the dreamy rock with water slowly flowing from the top that I was picturing in my head. This was because of the downpour earlier that day.

The lowest tier viewed at the entrance.

There was an entrance fee of P50. There was a funny story about this but I don’t want to over-brag so I won’t share it on this blog.

We then saw the second tier falls which would have been more picturesque had it not been for the rain.

Risking my camera just to get that signature pose.
Risking my camera just to get that signature pose.

Despite the flood-like waters, it still looked pretty to me. I probably just have more positive thoughts. But really, how often do you see pictures of Tinuy-an Falls with this amount and color of water flowing?

We didn’t bother riding the raft to go near the drop. We could already feel the huge drops of water from where we were standing so we thought we had enough.

Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.
Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.

The volunteer guides offered to take us to the top of the falls. Fee is based on what you deem appropriate. Ate Cathy was hesitant at first because of the number of steps – the guides told us there were 100. But when they said it would only take two minutes to get to the top, she was persuaded. So off we went to see the third tier.


When we got to the top, the guide noticed I was going up on rocks to get a better shot so he offered to take me higher.

Buwis buhay sa baha. Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.
Buwis buhay sa baha. Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.

But the best I could do was this:


I think the pictures taken from Jao’s GoPro were better.

Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.
Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.

After a few more pictures, we went back.

On the way back to the city proper, we stopped over that lake we passed by earlier. No one knew what the name of the lake was so my companions named it Bislig Lake or something.

Photo courtesy of John Rey Cuyos.

We then proceeded to the Millan’s residence where we were staying for the night.

According to my friend Dottie, the place was originally a garage that was just turned into a small house where maybe backpackers visiting Bislig could stay. At P300 per head, you’d get a nice bed plus a kitchen with a stove, a dining table and a common veranda. Plus, doesn’t it look nice?

Photo courtesy of Dottie Millan.
Photo courtesy of Dottie Millan.

If you need a place to stay, just contact Mrs. Lucy Millan at 09209545366. If you ever contact Mrs. Millan, just let her know that you got her number from the blog of Ferdie, who is a friend of her daughter-in-law Dottie.

We were by the way the first one to use the house so we felt a little special. They provided three rooms for the five of us. Ate Cathy, Judielin and Kiboy shared the biggest room with two beds, while Jao and I each took our own rooms. So at P300, I had my own private room!

Another funny story that I’m willing to share now. The moment I hit the bed after showering, I fell into really deep sleep (yes, that’s how good their beds were). I did not sleep the previous night while we were in Davao and I only caught a few hours of nap while on the bus, so I was really knocked down. When it was time for dinner, my companions had a hard time waking me up because I locked the door. They were not able to wake me up. But I guess while they were already out, I managed to unlock the door while still half-asleep because when they got back, they were already able to get inside my room to wake me up.

We could’ve explored more of Bislig had I not slept the night off.

They brought me dinner and after watching some videos taken by Jao earlier in the day, I went back to my room and fell into deep sleep again. I made sure though that the door was unlocked so they were able to wake me up at 1:40am. We just made it in my time for the 2am bus going to Davao.


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